Lídia Masllorens | Art statement
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Art Statement

 I paint portraits because I am obsessed with the beauty of close-up human faces. I have always spent hours watching faces from behind a camera with a good zoom, and I guess that is why, in my art, I have a gaze, a composition and a format that may look like a photogram.

I have adapted a traditional way to work -with resources such as chiaroscuro and watercolour -, towards a contemporary and current result.

I use simple materials: paper, water and black paint. Nothing else is needed, the minimum to express the maximum.

The synthesis is another obsession I have, and probably, that is why I move through a fine line where nothing is spare or missing: less is more.

My references are contemporary artists who work the human figure in an expressionist and synthetic way: Miquel Barceló, William Kentridge, Marlene Dumas… In all of them I see different ways to find the essential.

I am also inspired by theatre, cinema, and photography: these disciplines are the best sources to explore all the landscapes that you can find in a human face. We are made of emotion and the best way to work it is through emotion.

I work to find the ideal portrait: that one with no spare or missing brushstrokes to express the essence of what we are.


Lídia Masllorens

January, 2017

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